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  1. …… cat de inteligenti sunt viermii , asta posteaza viermele de neamtu pe rahat book : ” The new Republic calls for the resignation of the new Republic asking Monei Pivniceru Monei resignation from the position of Pivniceru … candidate for the Justice portfolio. In a normal country, people give their resignation from the positions they occupy. The Ponta but brought a innovation: governance through the caretakers and the candidates. Many of the functions in the State are filled by caretakers. The Presidency, Senate, Ombudsman sefia. Nothing is ever done. None of these characters is not fully legitimate, but only the expression arbitrariului.

    Along with caretakers, governance is based on momentum Ponta, as arbitrary, enroll at official functions. It started with the first uns, Alistar in the position of Minister-future. He followed Mircea Diaconu, caught him with fofarlica and incompatibilitatii. Mona Pivniceru, is now caught in the car and her family of a perpetrator.

    Mona Pivniceru is a character unworthy of a function. Behavior and language that brings the marginal environments, Mona Pivniceru is a disgrace even for … candidate. The new Republic ii require the resignation of jenanta posture “

  2. …. colonel vierme inputit procuror adormir muiangerie , ia te uita ce tari sunt homunculii tai !

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